Thermal Image Testing

Using thermal imaging, our technicians can accurately identify existing faults with your electrical installations, as well as predict any potential future issues.

No matter the size and type of workplace, our highly trained engineers can safely measure temperature from a distance whilst ensuring a minimal amount of disruption to the running of your business.

This involves testing electrical installations or equipment, ensuring safe working temperatures are being maintained. It will also identify any possible dangerous electrical problems throughout an electrical installation and is essential for preventative and predictive maintenance.

Our test Instruments can pinpoint any potential problems in cables, distribution boards, transformers, switchgear, plant rooms and other related areas. Thermal testing will highlight temperature differences caused by changes from normal operating conditions, thus identifying hotspots caused by a developing problem.

Sentor have completed electrical testing in – Nursing/Residential Care Homes, Commercial buildings, factories, Warehouses, Public Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure Centres and Churches.