High Voltage Electrical Contractors Belfast

High Voltage Installation and Maintenance.
High voltage distribution services including switchgear maintenance, installation, commissioning, and repair cable installation, condition monitoring and transformer servicing.

High Voltage Maintenance Transformer
If a breakdown occurs on an LV system there is an inconvenience, but if the HV system fails then it can be very expensive and time consuming to get things working again. Maintenance is designed to keep equipment in good condition, to prolong life and the usage of the equipment. The Electricity at Work Regulations state that you must maintain your system regularly. This applies to all electrical systems under your control.

High Voltage Transformer Servicing
Putting aside the electric strength of the transformer oil or insulating liquid in a transformer, it is important that the liquid is maintained so that the integrity of the core transformer components are retained. Key to this is the paper insulation and cellulose. The combination of heat, moisture and oxidisation has a detrimental effect on the paper and it’s mechanical strength.

Maintaining the mechanical strength of the paper will extend the lifespan of a transformer. It is important that your transformers are supervised and maintained according to British Standards (BS EN 60422:2013 As well as providing transformer oil testing, if needed, Sentor can supply and install new insulating liquid for your transformer.