AirSlide Door System

An Automatic door with integrated air barrier

The new AirSlide system features the exclusive self-supporting crossbar with integrated automation and air barrier. This door has combined an automatic opening and the air barrier system into a single unit with obvious aesthetic and functional advantages. Curves and sleek lines make this system easy to integrate into any architectural environment.

This energy saving door enables it to identify the direction of transit and optimises opening/ closing times perfectly to avoid unnecessary air dispersion even in  the event of cross traffic.

          Key features

  • Perfectly optimises door opening and closing times, to limit energy loss within the buildings.
  • For energy efficiency a dedicated software toll called Thermotool has been designed which allows the quantifying for energy saving.
  • Suitable for public places: shops, supermarkets, offices, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses and places with controlled temperature such as waiting rooms, airports and railway stations.